We've been helping people with their insurances for over 90 years

Our history

Munro-Greenhalgh has its roots as far back as 1926. Even in this new electronic era our values remain the same as they have always have been – to try our hardest for our clients.

First and foremost you need to understand that we work for you – not the Insurers. Our objectives for any client are: –

  1. To help you identify areas of ‘risk’ to you and your business.
  2. To provide advice on measures that may help you reduce those ‘risks’ and where appropriate to arrange a suitable Insurance policy (with a reputable insurer) at the best possible price.
  3. Finally, and most important – should an accident or loss occur to be there by your side to ensure that claims are dealt with as efficiently as possible.

Sounds simple – but it’s not! No two clients are the same – there is always something unusual that has to be considered. There are also various Insurers, from household names to specialist schemes to obscure insurers based in far away countries all with their own policy wordings and small print.

We as your Insurance Broker have many years experience in knowing how our industry works – which Insurers offer good or poor service. It’s not all about cost but the best value for money.

Unfortunately on occasions disputes do arise with Insurers – but that’s part of the fun and games of our job. We won’t shy away from an argument and will always fight our clients corner to ensure a fair settlement.

The team

Position: Director

Mobile Telephone: 07841065419

Direct No: 01706 282371

Email Address: [email protected]

I have been part of the fixtures at Munro-Greenhalgh since 1988. I am one of the Company Directors looking after our client’s insurance and risk requirements. I love playing football, cricket, going to the gym and socialising. My expertise however definitely lies with socialising. My contract of employment is such that I too follow Manchester United!

Position: Director

Mobile Telephone: 07841 065420

Direct No: 01706 282365

Email Address: [email protected]

My Insurance career started in 1986 working for one the world’s largest brokers within their specialist Construction Team. I have been at Munro-Greenhalgh since 1993. As one of the Company Directors my main role is looking after our client’s risk and insurance needs including handling their claims. I also have the short straw of looking after our IT systems. Out of work I was until recently the co-manager of a kids Football Team, Bolton County Lightning, from age 8 to 16. My time is done and I have now escaped which allows me to watch Manchester United or ride my motorbike. I always look forward to my skiing holidays and the frustration of playing golf.

Position: Director

Mobile Telephone: 07764158262

Direct No: 01706 282378

Email Address: [email protected]

I started out in insurance in 1986 at a small family brokerage as a junior clerk moving on to Swinton insurance and then Munro Greenhalgh in 1990.
Now as one of the Company Directors I handle all types of commercial insurance with a penchant for haulage & distribution. Fan of the red side of Manchester and can be found most summer weekends at Ramsbottom Cricket Club.

Position: Director

Mobile Telephone: 07850205216

Direct No: 01706 282373

Email Address: [email protected]

I graduated from Nottingham Business School with a BA (Hons) Business Studies in 2006. I joined Munro-Greenhalgh as a trainee commercial broker. I am now one of the Company Directors.
Another keen Manchester United Fan!

Position: Account Executive

Mobile Telephone: 07388 993168

Direct No: 01706 282362

Email Address: [email protected]

I am the newest addition to the team at Munro-Greenhalgh Ltd but my career in Insurance commenced in 1991 when I joined Moscrop Robinson & Chadwick Insurance Brokers in Bury. Whilst there I was able to complete all my Insurance qualifications. My last position was Director at Jones Taylor Steven (JTS) in Worsley.

My role is develop and service new and existing clients.

I have lived in Summerseat for almost all of my life and I am the Chairman of Brooksbottom Cricket Club. Unlike the others I am not a Manchester United fan!!

Position: Commercial Account Handler and Accounts Manager

Mobile Telephone: 07595 964100

Direct No: 01706 282377

Email Address: [email protected]

I joined Munro-Greenhalgh as the office junior back in 1986 and I have progressed to the Accounts Manager. I also help the commercial team and take responsibility for looking after our residential landlord clients.
I enjoy wining and dining at the weekend and frequent the gym on a regular basis.

Position: Personal Lines Manager

Mobile Telephone: 07712 864874

Direct No: 01706 282364

Email Address: [email protected]

I started in the insurance industry in June 1982 as trainee administrator with Swinton Insurance. In June 2002 I joined Munro-Greenhalgh as the Personal Lines Manager- I don’t know where the time has gone it’s passed that quickly!

I play rounders in the summer for the Bury League and occasional golf, I also enjoy cooking being in the garden and having parties. If I was a football fan it would have to be Manchester United – it’s the law at work and home.

Position: Claims Handler and Personal Lines

Mobile Telephone: 07595 964095

Direct No: 01706 282370

Email Address: [email protected]

I started working at Munro-Greenhalgh as a trainee, after leaving school in 1991.
My main role is helping our commercial clients with any claims they may have. I can also help with all aspects of Personal Lines Insurance for both new and existing clients including handling their claims.
I enjoy fun days out with the family, jogging, cycling, walking and the odd glass of wine!

Position: Commercial Lines

Mobile Telephone: 07712 866939

Direct No: 01706 282368

Email Address: [email protected]

I started working at Munro-Greenhalgh in 2003 and began working life as an office junior. Since then I have taken several exams combined with on the job training to hold a Certificate in the Chartered Insurers Institute. My insurance education is still on going.

I am now part of the Commercial Lines Team – my main role is assisting policy maintenance and providing quotations, particularly with SME Businesses, Motor Fleet & Tradesman. I also specialise in Property Owners including non-standard policies such as Unoccupied Property Insurance.

Away from the office I enjoy playing and watching football, cooking, watching films and spending time with family and friends.

Position: Personal Lines

Mobile Telephone No: 07395 902080

Direct No: 01706 282361

Email: [email protected]

Olivia joined us in March 2019 from Holy Cross where she did Business, English Literature and Geography. With previous work experience at Levanter Tapas restaurant. She joined us as an apprentice supported by North Lancashire Training Group and has progressed to be an important member of our team. Olivia comments, “There is just so much to learn – not just about insurance, but also customer service. The people here have been really welcoming to me and my favourite thing about Munro Greenhalgh is meeting and interacting with the customers – we really seem to be at the heart of the community with so many people calling in to the office. I am looking forward to learning and developing my career here.”

Position: Admin Assitant

Mobile Telephone: 07394950180

Email Address: [email protected]

I originally started working for Munro-Greenhalgh in 1988 – the week before Ian.

I am a dedicated follower of Bury Football Club. During the summer I play rounders in the Bury League.

Position: Chief Executive Officer of Moral and Well-Being

Mobile Telephone: Not allowed

Email Address: Not allowed

I am the newest member of the team – I started work in March 2021.

My primary job is to keep everyone happy. When I’m in the office I like to search through the bins in hope that someone has left an empty yoghurt pot and then to be chased to get it off me! Friday’s are my favourite day as I get to chase the window cleaners through the offices.

Outside work My dad says I am Man Utd fan but I am not too certain what or who that is.

Why Munro-Greenhalgh?

Experienced Account Handlers

Close working relationships guarantee that your insurance cover continues to meet the changing needs of your business as it evolves. 

Claims Expertise

If the worst happens and you need to make a claim, you can be confident that your claim will be settled smoothly.

We Understand Business

We identify areas of risk in your business and ensure you’re protected

Selected Insurers

We prefer to work with established UK-based insurers who provide exceptional cover and service for our clients.

Our Key Values are:-

  • Behaving with responsibility and integrity at all times.
  • Acting in a courteous, honest and fair manner towards anyone you may deal with.
  • Being trustworthy and never putting our own interests ahead of that of our clients and counter parties.
  • Complying with all the relevant laws and legislation surrounding our industry and meeting the requirements of the regulatory authorities at all times.
  • Demonstrating professional competence and due care.
  • Upholding professional standards in all dealings.
  • Respecting the confidentiality of all information we handle.
  • Applying objectivity to our professional judgements and in giving opinions and statements, not allowing prejudice or bias or influence by others to override our objectivity.

Relations With Customers

We seek to earn and maintain the trust of our customers at all times and will: –

  • Give fair and proper considerations and the appropriate priority to the interests and requirements of all customers.
  • We will obtain and provide all relevant information, including all necessary documentation and respect the confidentiality of information.
  • Avoid conflict between personal interests, or the interest of any associated company, person or group of persons and our duties to all our customers.
  • Avoid conflict between any competing interests of one or more customers, stepping aside in one or all matters to avoid such conflicts if they cannot be resolved to our customers’ satisfaction.
  • Act at all times with due skill, care and diligence.
  • Act only within the limits of our own personal competence and limits of authorisation.
  • Act in a financially honest and prudent manner, including ensuring the protection of any money and/or property we may hold on our clients’ behalf.
  • Act openly, fairly and respectfully at all times.
  • Be clear and prompt in all communication with our customers.
  • Provide suitable and objective advice and/or recommendations.
  • Not provide or accept money, gifts, entertainment or any other type of preferential treatment for or to any customer or provider, which are not part of standard business practice and which may be considered a conflict of interest.