Talking rubbish…
No not Ian after a few beers; waste removal.

Senior Waste Removals are an award-winning waste removal business, based in Bury. Their services range from house and office clearances to loose bags, metal, scrap and electrical waste. They pride themselves on their environmentally friendly credentials, recycling up to 90% of waste collected (rather than it going to landfill). The team at Senior Waste Removals have built a strong reputation for getting the job done – no matter the size or whether domestic or commercial.

Picture shows (left) Warren Senior, Managing Director, Senior Waste Removal with David Smith, Director, Munro Greenhalgh.

Munro Greenhalgh have looked after their insurances since January 2019, when they just had one vehicle!

David Smith, Director at Munro Greenhalgh explains, “Senior Waste Removals are a rapidly expanding business and have recently brought Orange Skips (NW) into their company. We hold their motor fleet policy and associated liabilities (for both Senior Waste and range Skips). We use them ourselves for our waste removal, and I have actually used them domestically too. They are a pleasure to work with and we will enjoy supporting them further as their growth continues.”

Warren Senior, Managing Director of Senior Waste Removals, said, “We are an extremely fast-moving business (literally!). We therefore need the support from Munro Greenhalgh and for them to understand what we do. We have a really good relationship which means we can ring them anytime – even on the weekend – to add vehicles to our insurance, and we know we will be both covered properly and if a claim needs to be dealt with, Tracy supports us through the process.”

A great illustration of how well the relationship works is in the fact that Munro Greenhalgh use Senior Waste both domestically and commercially, and, Senior Waste use Munro Greenhalgh for both domestic and commercial insurances!

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