We Remain Open

As during the first lockdown in March, the team at Munro-Greenhalgh will be available to help, support and advise businesses with their Risk Management, Protection and Insurance needs.

Here at Munro-Greenhalgh we are fortunate that achieving a Covid Secure environment has been easier to achieve than for other businesses:

• We have our own office building / bubble – occupied solely by our staff and business.
• All staff can travel to work by independent means – no use of public transport or car sharing.
• Our office layout has been changed to ensure social distancing with new plastic screens where necessary.
• New procedures and adaptive measures introduced.
• And most importantly our staff are kept up to date on the risks of Covid both in and away from work.

For the last 8 weeks all staff have been working safely from our office.

Second Lockdown from the 5th November 2020 – what’s different?
Despite our investment and the fact that most staff would prefer to work from our office, government guidance is that staff that can work from home should do so.

Whilst we are confident our premises remain Covid-Secure, we have taken the decision to ‘split’ the staff into 2 teams – one based at the office and the other working from their respective homes.

Simply, should a member of staff become infected then we want to reduce the risk of transmission within our team protecting our business, staff and customers.

So how does this affect our service to our clients?
We are also confident that we can – just like last time – maintain our high standards of service during this period. Like you, we know how difficult it has been and remains to be to contact certain firms whose staff are working from home – nothing is worse than being kept on hold or never receiving a call-back to a message left.

We are proud of the feedback we received that even during the first unplanned shutdown our customers found it easy to contact us. You will still be able to telephone our normal office number which will be answered immediately by a member of staff with no queuing or numerous menu options! If you need to speak with a particular member of staff working from home we will ensure they call you back the same as they would if based in the office. Alternatively, a list of all staff emails and mobiles is available here.

Unfortunately, the only change in the short term is that we have suspended all client visits and our offices will be closed to external visitors – unless there is need to assist with a disaster or emergency on site. As always, we are open for video calls via Zoom, Teams or Google.

We hope you all remain safe and well. If you have any queries or require help or assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks – Munro-Greenhalgh
“We make it our business to understand your business”