UPDATE: Following on from our previous article….

Ausfahrt is german for exit!

The uncertainty with Brexit continues! However, the facts as regards the validity of your motor insurance,  if you plan to drive to/through any EU/EEA countries in the coming months, are as follows: –

  • In the event of a no-deal Brexit: a physical “green card” document will be required. It has to be an original document issued/printed on green paper – an electronic copy is not valid.
  • During any agreed extension: nothing would change. The current arrangements and EU-worded certificates will continue to be accepted.
  • If a deal is agreed: changes are unlikely. Any deal would almost certainly mean that the EU-worded certificates would remain valid.

As mentioned above in the event of a no-deal Brexit a green card will need to be issued. The Association of British Insurer’s advice is for you to give at least one month’s notice, as the green card will need to be issued/printed and posted to you. We know that this is not always possible and we will endeavour to get them issued promptly.

Each Insurer has a different approach on how a green card can be issued – we are trying to get a supply of ‘approved’ green paper so that we can issue them in our office for some insurers!

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