This morning JP from Pixelwave Creative was the first guest appearance of the day. As we expected JP pushed himself hard on the bike whilst also coordinating the production of video and photography. True multi-tasking – his work can be viewed on both Facebook or Twitter.

Louise from H Bells & Sons called in to check on progress. They included a generous donation on the condition that Steve agreed to wear a pair of fairy wings designed for a 3 year old. After almost 2 hours he was losing the circulation of blood to his arms and had to give in. They were replaced with a 1970s pop star wig (proof in the photo above), equally as embarrassing but worth it for such a good cause.

Over lunch Helen from PM & M Accountants came to do her bit on the bike easily keeping up the pace.

Finally, Julian from Pearson Ferrier finally relented and travelled the massive distance from the shop next door but one to us. He easily keep up an impressive pace allowing our staff a well earned break to catch up on our workloads.

Can we also make a special mention to Danny (Not be confused with ‘Our Daniel’) who has been in during his lunch breaks this week to help us. He must have done 20 miles.

Thank you to all.

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