Copy Print Services

After battling through the snow John, Russ and Michael from Copy Print Services were our first visitors to take on the #Munrocyclethon. After a good work out of 15 minutes each they racked up just over 15km in total. We think they all left appreciating that the task we set ourselves is not as easy as you would think.

KC Marketing.

Next up was Kieran from KC Marketing complete with his cycling helmet, still following Mum’s advice to always wear a cycling helmet! There was no way he was going to keep up the pace but we were grateful for the rest break and his usual Yorkshire charm and humour.

Square Peg Associates

Late in the afternoon Suzanne from Square Peg Associates put in a late shift with the help of her son Harry. It was noted that Jennie was missing with that convenient excuse of being ‘snowed in’ but we have been promised an appearance before the challenge is over – failure may result in an extra game of Beer Pong at AFG Law‘s Charity Do on Friday!!!

And Finally – another AWESOME

Following on from Dominique’s impressive stamina we witnessed another truly awesome 15 minutes of strength from Phil Hayes of Kloodle. Just to remind you that any distance of 4.5km or more in 15 minutes is hard work. Being the competitive souls we are some of our staff have achieved a few 5.5km or more.The record being 5.8km. This afternoon Phil battered this with 6.8Km !! Enough said.

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