This morning we had the team from Life Style Sales and Lettings  to help out.

To remind you we are raising funds for Bury Hospice. Our Challenge is to cycle 350 miles/600kms in 5 days on an exercise bike from the comfort of our office – in the shop front for all to see. It sounds like an easy task but 2 days in we have realised that is not the case! You need to maintain a pace of at least 15km per hour. Keeping that up for 15 minutes isn’t easy.

But today we witnessed the awesome strength and stamina of Dominique form Lifestyle Sales and Lettings. He easily achieved the speed but also kept it going for an hour non stop accomplishing almost 23 kms. I don’t think any of our team wanted to follow that lead but thankfully Henry from Lifestyle took up the reins!

Once again a big thank you To Mel from Lifestyle for allowing her staff to help out.

Tomorrow, snow permitting, we are looking forward to help from John & Russ from Copy Print Services , Square Peg Associates , JP from Pixelwave Creative and Kieran from KC Marketing .

Don’t forget please donate at


Like most of the UK Ramsbottom was hit by snow this afternoon. The problem for our town is that it suffers in that all roads in and out involve a hill climb. The snow creates absolute chaos especially for lorries and buses which get stuck at the main junction often causing gridlock for the whole town. Today, in between cycling, we were out doing our bit gritting the road to help a lorry that was stuck.

It seemed to work and hopefully you all got home safely.